Project Description

Client: Roxborough Water and Sanitation District
Project: Water Treatment Plant, Littleton, CO

To replace its 1950s vintage water treatment plant (WTP), the District needed a new 8 million gallons per day (8 MGD) WTP that could meet its water treatment needs, and those of an adjoining connector district, well into the future. The District’s need for capacity was immediate, while the connector district’s initial water requirements were minimal, but were expected to develop over a 20-year period. Each utility had potentially different water sources, requiring different levels of treatment. TST Infrastructure’s team effectively collaborated with the two districts to develop a new treatment plant with separate treatment trains to address the differing requirements for capacity and level of treatment.

The new facility was the first WTP in Colorado to utilize ultraviolet light as the primary disinfectant, which reduced chlorine dosage and disinfection byproducts. The WTP’s tap water placed third in a three-state taste test conducted by the American Water Works Association. The substantial economy of scale resulting from the cooperative and innovative regionalization of two communities’ water treatment systems is estimated to have saved the customers millions of dollars in construction costs.