Project Description

Client: Denver Water
Project: Ashland Treated Water Tank Replacement Project, Denver, CO

After years of updating, Denver Water’s two 1800s-era water storage basins needed to be replaced. The two, 19- and 21-million-gallon basins, took up the entire site which had become tightly surrounded by homes on all four sides. The project’s engineering challenges during demolition and construction included keeping one tank in service at all times while replacing the other within the very limited footprint where construction was literally in peoples’ backyards. Adding to the challenge were significant elevation differences on the site and the requirement to remove demolition debris without disrupting local traffic. While meeting all of the engineering challenges was paramount, TST Infrastructure’s team nevertheless prioritized limiting the project’s impact on the surrounding community in ways that helped ensure people in the area seamlessly continued to receive reliable, safe drinking water throughout the replacement project.